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   Colby Van Wagoner is a versatile and descriptive American author. Offering a variety of genres, the vision is to create unique plots and exciting twists in storytelling. His first book release, Massacre Cave is written as part of “The Crow Mountain Series”. The Crow Mountain books evolve around the Navajo shape shifter, commonly referred to as the Skinwalker, blending between combinations of horror and classic authentic late 1800s western authenticity.

     H.H. Holmes: The Devil In Me, is Colby’s fourth full length release and best seller. The book is based on the true events of America’s first captured, tried, and sentenced, “termed” and documented serial killer. Chicago’s twisted killer H.H. Holmes. The book presents a unique and controversial twist, which delves deep inside the mind and from the serial killer’s point of view.

     Earth Mongers, combines historical events in an unexpected science fiction twisting finale, which explores a thrilling new approach to natural disasters, and global disasters. On the brink of global catastrophe, populations are forced to look at their choices, leaders of countries are forced to make tough decisions, or face extinction. Dead in Love is Colby Van Wagoner’s 6th, and first, release in “The Dead” Zombie double release. In a small town, local residents rumor of the military’s basic operations and chemical experiments taking place inside. Baxter, a local resident, is soon caught up in a secretive fight to save himself and the love of his life, Laylianna, during the impending outbreak.

     Volume One is a collection of eight horror novellas that stretch between the paranormal and supernatural. Released in 2013. As a young child, Aurora discovers, “Baby Doll Head” a vessel possessing mysterious mind control powers. Stories include a family of inbreds who terrorize and seek to control families inside the Cult House. A Love Not Lost, explores an aging embalmer who has lost touch with reality after the loss of his wife. Alex in Horrorland takes a young boy on a journey through an imaginary world of horror. A group of travelers board a train and fall victim to a family of rail workers in Blood, Flesh, and Bone. The Shadows of Kayakoy come to life as a group of travelers make a terrible choice to remain overnight in the ghost town. Bleak, the end of all existence? Finally, Aurora’s all grown up in Parallel, where her realities unite and realities occur in real time as she mentally deteriorates. She is committed to an asylum, influenced by nightmares and the supernatural, Volume One takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and horror.

     Compound follows a group of diverse travelers making their way through a Brazilian quarantine zone. Fleeing from town to town, the travelers attempt to survive and seek refuge from the mysterious viral outbreak, which originated from the protected rainforest. Once a deserted experimental military compound is discovered, and the group believes they have found safety inside, unexplained psychological occurrences and encounters begin to happen between the members of the group.  

     Ranger and Fever are westerns involving a Texas Ranger witnessing the murder of his family. Ranger Zeke Slade takes matters into his own hands. Instead of bringing his family’s killers to justice his decision, serve his own frontier justice, avenging the murder on his own terms, breaking his oath as a Texas Ranger. The Adjutant General offers Ranger Slade the choices of prison time, or accepting a marshal position in an Alaskan mining town, Fever.

     The Jack and Jillian Book Series are Colby Van Wagoner’s children’s books. Jack and Jillian write about learning and creating new things. They write about the sports they are learning, how to play safely, and learning the rules to play fair. Jack and Jillian also learn about art and how to create different forms of art. The series is aimed at encouraging, challenging young minds, and motivating them to remain active, both physically and mentally.

A Time for Heroes: 2017 Las Vegas Shooting, Massacre Cave, Crow Mountain, Return to Crow Mountain, H.H. Holmes: The Devil In Me, Earth Mongers, Dead in Love, Volume One, Compound, Dead in Love, Ranger and Fever, and the Jack and Jillian Children’s Book Series are available online at, Barnes and, and other U.S. and international book retailers. In its first month of Colby Van Wagoner’s books have reached the top 100 on Amazon’s bestsellers rank! Two have become major best sellers!

After experiencing a traumatic brain injury in 2014, which required a craniotomy and recovery, Colby Van Wagoner completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology. After 4 years of recovery and adjustment to the physical and mental challenges, he was able to complete a new title called, A Time for Heroes: 2017 Las Vegas Shooting. The book was completed in 2018 and covers the tragic Las Vegas mass shooting through first hand witness accounts, local law enforcement’s and the FBI’s official case files. Working with factual combined evidence, and a thorough historical background on the shooter, the detailed research and work includes a full psychological and behavioral profile assessment of mass shooter, Stephen Paddock. The book also accounts harrowing and gripping stories of survival and honors in remembrance those who were lost in the 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada shootings.

Colby just released See Through Myself: A Memoir about his life, and surviving a rare congenital birth defect Eagle Barrett Syndrome. The Memoir also tells of his Lehi Utah childhood, struggle, and path on the road from hard times, addiction, life of overcoming challenges to the point of almost dying from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. The memoir was released in early 2019 and has become an important milestone in recovery, overcoming grief and loss of his mother, from dementia and relocating to the small historic mining town to start a new life in Eureka, Utah, and other locations. The location of Eureka is a beautiful scenic desert mountain region, perfect for a cabin heated by a wood burning stove and 3 feline roommates to keep an author entertained for hours.  Stay tuned …

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New Book Release: A Time for Heroes: 2017 Las Vegas Shooting

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