About Colby Van Wagoner’s Books

     Colby Van Wagoner books create unique blends of diverse characters and unexpected plot twists. Since his first release, the author has expanded between various genres. His first book releases, are ‘The Crow Mountain Trilogy Series’ based on the Navajo Shapeshifter known as the Skinwalker. Where he was first told the stories of myths and legends, including the Wendigo, around the campfire as a young boy. Colby’s release H.H. Holmes: The Devil In Me is an Amazon best seller and historical fiction covering the horrors of America’s termed ‘first documented serial killer’. Earth Mongers, combines historical events, with a science fiction twist leading to ‘The End’, which explores a thrilling new approach to natural disasters, and global climate change, including the human race being forced to leave Earth and inhabit ‘The Red Planet’ Mars.

    Dead in Love is Colby Van Wagoner’s first Zombie release in ‘The Dead Series’.




      Volume One is a collection of eight extreme and macabre horror stories, synthesized together in relation with one main character from the first story. Telling her short stories titled: Baby Doll Head, Cult House, A Love Not Lost, Alex in Horrorland, Blood, Flesh, and Bone, The Shadows of Kayakoy, Bleak, and Parallel, Aurora soon discovers her stories are more than just words on paper, holding real-life consequences. The Volume One Book Series takes you on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and horror.    

     The book Compound is about a group of diverse travelers making their way through a Brazilian quarantine zone. 

     The Life of Zeke Slade Book Series, Ranger and Fever, follows Texas Ranger Zeke Slade. The Jack and Jillian Book Series are Colby Van Wagoner’s children’s books.

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