The Twisted Mind – Fueling Thought: Season 1, Episode 1
     Portals, Magnetic Grids, Earth and Universal Planes, Skinwalker Ranch and the connection between wormholes, mysterious orbs, lights in the sky, strange animal mutilations, DMT and outer body experiences. The second section discusses Mk ULTRA.This is the first online broadcast from 3/6/2020. With more to come, Stay Tuned!
The Twisted Mind – Fueling Thought: Season 1, Episode 2 – Serial Killer Segment
America’s first “termed” serial killer, H.H. Holmes. The episode also discusses contemporary serial killer, Samuel Little, age 79 currently incarcerated and under further investigation for claiming an additional 93 murders. The show discusses correlations between H.H. Holmes and the “Ripper” murders in Whitechapel, London. Lastly, an update about Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese’s H.H. Holmes Film! Tune in and stay tuned for the next show announcement!