The Twisted Mind – Fueling Thought: Season One

The Twisted mind is a bi-weekly, online podcast, broadcast, and various styles of presentations; some informative and investigative, others empirical and evidence-based research, some historical events with past and present events. The often times overlooked, and unknown sides of history, historical locations, places, and locations, both Earthly, interplanetary. The first season is called Fueling Thought, delving into random subject matter, as a means to introduce and establish a foundation for future development of show ideas, and leading to provoke thoughts and journeys of the mind. The main focus is to explore the unknown, the macabre, taboo, the paranormal and unexplained. The show will include spooky, scary stories, mostly revealing the past and current connections relating to the human, animal, reptile, plant, organism, life, and everything in between, to expand the machinations of the mind!

Episode ONe – Portals – Mkultra

Discussing various subjects about wormholes, portals, inter-dimensional beings, The Skinwalker Ranch, and MK ULTRA!!! Among the interesting participants, including the founder and creator of the CIA’s most controversial mind control experiment. A liquefied, aerosol, and indigestible psychedelic compound used on unwilling participants, and could still be a major component in the use of chemical and mind control advancements in manipulation of the population! Let’s take a ride through the high deserts, live from the Tintic Desert Mountain , The Twisted Mind, and Fueling Thought! So excited to drop the first of, I hope, many more to come! Tune out and Tune in! Listen and share, spread my first fun filled hour of online broad cast, as I will no doubt be expanding my production, and making plans at The Twisted Mind! (***Error and correction to indicate at @100:26 that the lyricist, Robert Hunter, of the Grateful Dead influenced the LSD culture and NOT LDS culture, as pronounced by accident.)

Episode Two – Serial Killers

America’s first “termed” serial killer, born Herman Webster Mudgett, alias Dr. H.H. Holmes, Henry Howard Holmes is infamous for constructing a large hotel, deemed “The Murder Castle.” However, it is rumored the notorious conman is responsible for up to 200 suspected kills. The episode discusses a contemporary serial killer, currently under investigation for 93 murders. Law enforcement has conducted DNA testing, cross referencing with the law enforcement data bases, and is beginning to shine new light on these claims from Samuel Little, age 79, currently incarcerated. Another topic is the correlations with Dr. H.H. Holmes as being Jack the Ripper as some have theorized and claim that America’s most notorious serial killer was Jack the Ripper. Lastly, included in the broadcast is the most recent update about the H.H. Holmes project by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, through an adaptation of Erik Larsen’s book The Devil in White City. The series is to be a Hulu release and has DiCaprio taking on the infamous serial killer Dr. H.H. Holmes!

Episode Three – What’s in the Box?

The show starts in a cat and mouse game, between a suspect and two detectives, one of the best movie endings! What will the detective’s decisions be, discovering the suspect’s twisted psychological master plan? The remaining show, I wonder, how is it out there? How is all the stress, pressures, and gathering supplies for this “pandemic?” Relax, kick back, and when you are relaxing, on a nice drive to the store, work, appointments, through the spring time’s forests, enjoy the scenery, listen to some nice music and don’t forget Tallahassee’s most important rule: Don’t forget to grab a Twinkie!

Episode Four – Skinwalkers

Welcome to the broadcast exploring the skinwalker! In the Navajo culture, the skinwalker is told as a sinister practitioner of the Witchery Way, and who has an ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as an animal.

This witch is called “Yee Naaldlooshii” by the Navajo, translating to “with it, he goes on all fours,” just one of several types of Navajo witches and is considered the most volatile and dangerous. Included are several stories told of the skinwalker, and the origins, practices, and sinister dangers of practitioners of the “Witchery Way.”